Ever wanted to try boxing or MMA?

Some people may be put off or intimidated by boxing due to its reputation as an aggressive, contact sport. But trust us… boxing is an incredible workout that will sculpt, tone and change your body and fitness.

Sweat Box Fitness offers PT sessions that incorporate boxing. There’s no contact or sparring – just fantastic combos, drills and pad work.

Boxing is great for:

  • A whole body workout
  • Cardio and Heart health – get fit fast through high intensity exercises
  • Improved total body strength and muscle tone
  • Weight loss
  • Coordination, agility and hand eye co-ordination
  • Stress busting: focus, sweat and let your frustrations out
  • Fun! And lots of it

Come with any level of fitness or ability we all need to start somewhere. Gloves are provided but once you try it out we recommend to buy your own.